Woman breaks up with boyfriend of two years over TikTok comments and goes viral


A Redditor has gone viral after revealing that she broke up with her long-term boyfriend over some of the comments made on his TikTok account – even though they may not have come from him. 

As TikTok has gotten bigger and bigger over the last few years, trends that have popped up on the short-form video platform have spread across the internet like wildfire. 

Many of these trends relate to the videos that are posted on TikTok, but it doesn’t have to just be limited to those either. We’ve seen ‘cults’ of profile photos and spam comments also make waves across other social media platforms. 

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In fact, one Redditor has caught the eye of many after she decided to dump her long-term boyfriend over comments he and his friends apparently made on a round of TikTok videos. 

Redditor goes viral after breaking up with partner over TikTok comments

The Redditor in question posted on the Off My Chest subreddit, as she vented about her boyfriend and his friends’ behavior on the video app. 

She claimed that her boyfriend had been agreeing with TikToks that were making misogynistic comments and he had been tagging his pals in the comments section too. “I feel sick. I thought we had the same views on things like this?” she added, noting that she planned to break up with him over it. 

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Things took a slight turn though when the boyfriend’s mother called her and the pair discussed things. The Redditor noted that her boyfriend and friends had, in fact, been trying to catch out a “toxic” friend in a months-long scheme. Though, she added that they’d at least be taking a break anyway. 

Her post garnered plenty of support, telling the Redditor that she had “done the right thing” and “dodged a bullet” by breaking up with her boyfriend. 

“I hope you find someone caring and loving who does not believe in fu*king cheating,” said one. “Don’t let him try to gaslight you into a bs story about just agreeing “because of his friends did it too” or similar bs,” added another.

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