Why was #h3h3isoverparty trending on Twitter?

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H3H3, or the husband and wife duo of Ethan and Hila Klein, has come under fire after Ethan critiqued Korean Pop (or K-pop) stars – much to their fans’ dismay.

H3H3 has never shied away from controversy or addressing their thoughts, but by and large, they remain popular and beloved content creators on YouTube.

But not everyone loves them, and they definitely made a fair few enemies on December 9 when they dared to critique one of K-pop’s biggest exports, BTS.

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BTS is one of the biggest K-pop groups in the world.

Watching one of BTS’ videos, Ethan and Hila discussed the genre, and Ethan was very clear in saying that he just doesn’t understand the appeal.

“I don’t get the BTS thing,” he said. “I’m just going to say it right now, I don’t like K-pop. I hate K-pop. I don’t get BTS. How did this become a thing in Western culture, where all these grown men and little girls are jerking off to K-pop boys? It’s like a little fetish.”

He then asked ‘Ian the Intern’ for his thoughts, who said he doesn’t like it but “gets why people do,” with Ethan reiterating his point saying how “weird” K-pop fans are on Twitter before joking that someone will probably try to “assassinate” him for what he’s said.

As such, the K-pop fans responded in kind on Twitter, getting the hashtag “#h3h3isoverparty” trending in a bid to get him ‘canceled’.

Ethan didn’t seem too bothered by the backlash, celebrating trending on Twitter and continuing to make digs at the community as the abuse rained down on him.

He even tweeted out to reiterate the point he made, saying: “My message to K-pop fans: Lighten up nerds, if you can’t handle your hobby being made fun of a little bit then you are really are just a bunch of little girls jerking off to K-pop boys.”

Ethan doesn’t seem too bothered by the drama, basking in the glory of his name trending on the social media platform and tweeting the hashtag to keep it going.

K-pop fans are among some of the most committed in the world and will defend their idols to their last breath. It’s not a great idea to get on the wrong side of them, as H3H3 learned the hard way – and they may not rush to do it again.

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