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Joe Rogan explains why he won’t do Hot Ones talk show

Published: 5/Dec/2019 11:40

by Jacob Hale


Joe Rogan has explained why he won’t do First We Feast’s infamous Hot Ones talk show during an episode of The Joe Rogan Experience.

Hot Ones is a unique talk show that sees host Sean Evans joined by all manners of celebrity for an interview unlike any other.

On the show, Sean interviews his guests while they eat chicken wings (or cauliflower wings for the non-meat eaters), with the hot sauce on the wings getting progressively spicier and harder to deal with as the show goes on.

YouTube: First We FeastHot Ones brought us one of the most iconic memes of 2019 thanks to Paul Rudd.

Sean has had international stars such as TV chef Gordon Ramsay, actor/comedian Kevin Hart and multi-platinum recording artist Post Malone sat across the table from him, but Joe Rogan has confirmed that he would not be willing to do it.

“That’s not a good way to talk, man,” Rogan said. “Snot’s coming out of your nose and you’re crying, that’s not a good place to talk.”

After his co-host, Brendan Schaub, suggests it would be fun to see him on there, Rogan continued: “I know, but why are you asking people personal questions when they’re crying?”

Though Rogan seemed to be somewhat serious in his reluctance to partake, he was laughing about it and clearly wasn’t too upset by the idea of asking questions while consuming hot sauce.

He does confirm, though, that he has some decent experience with hot wings, referring to a place in Boston that sold ‘suicide’ hot wings – assuming because they were so spicy.

So, it can’t be said that Rogan is scared of the premise of it, unlike other celebrities might have been in the past.

Whether he wants to or not, Rogan would likely be a brilliant Hot Ones guest, with countless stories to tell and a great sense of humor that could easily carry the show to its end.

Here’s to hoping Evans can pull some strings. He’s already had top internet personalities such as Ethan ‘H3H3’ Klein and Casey Neistat on the show, and Rogan would be a great addition.


Heartbroken gamers react to PS5 destroyed with industrial shredder

Published: 5/Dec/2020 20:33

by Alan Bernal


A viral clip showing a PlayStation 5 getting minced by an industrial shredder is garnering a ton of reactions among the gaming community who were horrified to watch the prized console getting absolutely destroyed.

It’s been nearly a month since the PS5 was released and it hasn’t gotten any easier to find the console available from brick-and-mortar stores to online marketplaces. The reality is millions of gamers won’t be able to touch Sony’s next-gen console until well after the holiday season is over.

That could explain why some in the community are a bit touchy seeing the hardware being put through a meat grinder, so to speak.

YouTube channel ‘Captain Crunch Experiments’ specializes in putting objects through the high-powered shredder, and it was the PS5’s turn to show us what it’s made of.

The outcome was as you’d expect. The plastic panels of the PS5 were easily devoured into bits, though the full body of the machine took a bit more convincing to get it through to the other end.

As Sony’s metallic behemoth put on one of the most heartbreaking ASMRs to date, the viewers were mixed. Some were impressed that the console put up such a fight, but nearly all PlayStation fans were reeling by the time the video closed.

“What exactly happens here?” one person wrote, before listing out the sins from the production. “Here’s what: Destroying currently out of stock PS5, throwing away rare non-renewable materials, wasting all the electricity that went into producing those PS5s => unnecessary pollution, and producing shit quality unsatisfying videos.”

“This is satisfying but pains me at the same time lol,” another wrote on the YouTube post.

“You need actual help lots of kids want the PS5 For Christmas and you buy one and just shred it like why though a child is now missing out on his PS5 for Christmas that’s because you bought it and shredded it,” someone else said of the clip.

We saw a similar outcry when The Mob’s Classify pranked Froste by slamming a brand new PS5 console to the ground and finishing the job with a sledgehammer.

Gamers will all feel that disturbing knot in the pit of their stomachs watching the video, and the sentiment around the PS5’s destruction won’t ease up until there’s vastly more stock for eager customers.