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Why TikTok wants justice for X Factor’s ‘aggressive’ P!nk tribute act

Published: 23/Nov/2020 15:38

by Georgina Smith


2012 X Factor contestant Zoe Alexander who became known for being an ‘aggressive’ P!nk tribute act has gone viral on TikTok after users found out about the shocking mistreatment of the singer that allegedly happened behind the scenes, seeking “justice for Zoe.”

Singing competition X Factor has become notorious for its audition round, that sees many hopeful singers take their shot in front of judges such as the likes of Simon Cowell and Gary Barlow to make it through to the live rounds, and hopefully find their big break.

While the show has seen acts like One Direction and Little Mix launch their careers off the back of the show’s popularity, one of the things it has become known for is airing the worst, and most crazy auditions for the general public’s entertainment.


Zoe Alexander was one such contestant who thought she was up for the opportunity of a lifetime, but found her face became known for all the wrong reasons as she was branded a ‘crazy’ P!nk tribute act after having a breakdown on stage. But it seems that the episode that aired did not show the full story.

She released the story behind her X Factor ordeal in a series of videos on YouTube back in July, eight years after her original audition. But now the TikTok community has got hold of Zoe’s story, and they’re doing everything they can to inform people of the brutal truth behind the audition, with videos explaining the situation with millions of likes.


A TikTok by user thatsmypurseidontknowyou has a whopping three million likes, and in it she details the story shared by Zoe in her YouTube series. She explained how in her original song list, the singer had not chosen to sing any P!nk songs as an attempt to depart from her tribute act.


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However, Zoe alleges that the producers made it clear to her that the only way she would be allowed on the show was if she sang a P!nk song. She also explains that they told Zoe to turn up at 6 am, hours before she actually had to be there, and constantly talked to her about P!nk throughout the day despite her clear discomfort with it.


Comments under the video showed an outpouring of support for Zoe, where they looked back on the audition and realised there were a lot of warning signs that the programme was potentially being deceptive.

“‘You told me to sing a P!nk song’ makes so much sense now,” one user said. Another described the situation as “heartbreaking” and remarked that the star had been brought on the show exclusively to be used as a laughing stock.

Image of a TikTok comment

Image of a TikTok comment

Image of a TikTok comment


The incident had an enormous emotional impact on the young singer, and her story has struck a chord with many viewers, causing people to reconsider all those ‘crazy auditions’ they’ve seen on TV and laughed about.