Why are Nikita Dragun and Daisy Keech feuding?

Virginia Glaze

YouTuber Nikita Dragun and TikTokker Daisy Keech appear to be in the middle of an ongoing feud — and it all centers around Dragun’s ex-boyfriend, model and reality TV star Michael Yerger.

The drama began on June 14, after Keech posed for a photo with her new beau in the tropical scenery of Tulum, Mexico, captioning the steamy pic, “Papi.”

However, it doesn’t seem like their new romance is sitting well with Dragun, who appeared to hit out at the duo in a shady tweet a day later.

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“I ain’t even mad when I see my ex with another girl,” she wrote. “Like you ‘bout to be just as embarrassed as I was when you find out what he’s really about.”

That wasn’t the only shade she threw toward the couple, either, going on to address the issue in an Instagram comment shortly thereafter.

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“He is the most respectful,” Nikita replied to a fan. “Just tired of seeing other girls get played… makes me mad.”

Keech quickly caught on to Dragun’s thinly-veiled shade and quote-retweeted her post with a response of her own, taking the “kill them with kindness” route: “Nikita, whatever happened is in the past. There’s no need to tear others down. I hope you can move on and be happy. We truly wish you the best.”

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That’s not all; even Yerger himself replied to Dragun’s post: “You still love using that word ‘ex.’ Lmfao, it’s been far too long to keep bugging about an old hoax. Wish you the best Nikita.”

The “hoax” that Yerger mention refers to the beginning of his relationship with Dragun in October 2018, after the makeup mogul admitted that she’d hired him to pose as her boyfriend.

While Dragun claimed that the two had begun to develop romantic feelings for each other over time, Yerger argued that their relationship was never the real deal: “A few tags from her and she was opening doors for me left and right. I pretty much got brought out of the woodwork from her ‘fake boyfriend idea.”

Thus far, Dragon has yet to reply to Keech’s comments. Stay tuned to Dexerto for more updates on this developing story.

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