Landon Barker shades Charli D’Amelio’s “fake” relationship with ex Chase Hudson

Virginia Glaze
landon-barker-shades-charli-chase-hudson-romanceYouTube: Lightweights Podcast

Landon Barker opened up about his romance with TikTok star Charli D’Amelio and seemingly shaded her previous romance with ex Chase Hudson, calling their past relationship “fake.”

Charli D’Amelio is TikTok’s second most-followed creator, boasting over 151 million followers on the popular video-sharing app.

At the beginning of her rise to online stardom, Charli was known for dating fellow influencer and music artist Chase Hudson… but their relationship fell apart in 2020 after allegations of infidelity floated around.

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The entire incident was dubbed TikTok’s “dramageddon” — and although the ex-couple ultimately split up, they remained close friends for a time. That is, until Charli began dating musician Landon Barker.

Charli and Landon have been dating for over a year now after first debuting their romance in summer 2022. Fans were convinced that Hudson was upset about this development, as he all but called out “homie hopper” Charli in his song ‘All The Things I Hate About You.’

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landon-barker-tattoos-charli-damelio-eye-armInstagram: landonasherbarker
Charli D’Amelio and Landon Barker have been dating since Summer 2022.

Landon Barker explains why he keeps relationship with Charli lowkey

Chase and Landon used to be buddies, but apparently not anymore. The two have been lowkey shading each other online over the ensuing year — and it doesn’t look like the bad blood has gone away.

During a recent interview on the Lightweights podcast, Barker opened up about his relationship with Charli, saying that they don’t feel the need to make their love lives public like Charli supposedly needed to with Chase.

“I feel like in the past, she’s been in relationships where they were almost obligated to post together,” he explained. “For us, it’s not like that. It’s more just, if we’re going out, we like our outfits, we’ll put up the phone and make a stupid TikTok, you know?”

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“I feel like that’s the way to make it healthy and that’s the way that we’re happy together, is not putting any pressure on it. …cause when there’s a goal with a relationship, it’s just fake, you know?”

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Although Barker didn’t name-drop Chase Hudson, fans are all but convinced that he’s throwing shade toward Charli’s ex-man, as that was the only other public relationship she was in before dating him.

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It’s clear that Barker is willing to stick up for Charli and keep their relationship on the down-low — although he recently caught a bloody eye supposedly defending her honor at a party.

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