MrBeast has to do embarrassing forfeit after losing Ludwig’s chess bet in PogChamps 4

Streamers are back at it again playing Chess, and with it came the long-awaited rematch between Ludwig and MrBeast, which had an interesting forfeit on the line, that being the loser required to post a picture on their Instagram in a cat maid outfit.

As the popular chess tournament PogChamps returns, we once again saw the clash between two of the biggest content creators, MrBeast and Ludwig, juking it out for the $100,000 prize pool.

But more than just money was on the line for these two, as they both mutually agreed on a forfeit for the loser. In classic Ludwig style, he wanted to go down the troll route, proposing a hilarious forfeit that would embarrass the other.

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Ludwig being as confident as ever proposed a forfeit where the loser would have to post a picture on their Instagram in a cat maid outfit.

Ludwig even mocked the YouTube philanthropist, as he complained he didn’t own a cat maid outfit, leading Ludwig to hilariously make fun of him for “not being able to afford one” despite MrBeast giving away millions of dollars for every video.

The time for the chess finally came, with MrBeast taking the first game, but Ludwig eventually closing the series with a 2-1 reverse sweep.

While MrBeast didn’t directly agree to wear the maid outfit, fans are still waiting to see him in one. With 13.4M followers on Instagram, and averaging millions of likes per post, it wouldn’t be surprising if MrBeast didn’t go through with it.

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pogchamps4 chess tournament announced

Looking past just MrBeast and Ludwig, PogChamps 4 has a total of 16 of the internets favorite chess players, battling it out from August 29 till the finals on September 12.

Organized by the popular online chess server,, PogChamps 4 has a $100k prize pool, and then will match community donations up to $100,000 which will all go to Rise Above the Disorder (RAD) charity, dedicated to making mental health care more accessible and affordable.