Andrew Schulz explains why he thinks Dana White “hates” Jake Paul

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Andrew Schulz next to Dana White and Jake Paul
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Instagram comedian Andrew Schulz revealed why he thinks UFC President Dana White really “hates” Jake Paul. The stand-up comedian explained how the YouTube problem child is hurting MMA CEO’s finances.

During the August 31 episode of the Flagrant 2 podcast, host Andrew Schulz opened up about his wild theory about how Dana White really feels about Jake Paul.

The Instagram comedian revealed his take after claiming the YouTuber “embarrassed” former UFC champion Tyron Woodley during their Showtime boxing contest on August 28.

Andrew Schulz discusses Jake Paul and Dana White
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The stand-up comedian gave his take on Dana White and Jake Paul’s dicey relationship.

Andrew Schulz explains why Dana White really “hates” Jake Paul

In the latest Flagrant 2 podcast, Andrew Schulz reacted to the aftermath of Jake Paul defeating Tyron Woodley in a split decision during their boxing bout. According to the Instagram comedian, the ex-Disney star is now causing serious damage to the UFC Ceo’s business by “embarrassing” his former MMA fighters.

“[Jake Paul] is going to keep driving that thorn into [Dana White’s] side now Jake has a legit win. Ben Askren was an incredibly effective fighter, but Tyron looked like an athlete. Chiseled! He was a puncher, and an elite UFC striker just got destroyed by a Disney star! I’ll repeat that: An elite UFC striker gets demolished by a Disney star,” he said.

Schulz then argued that Jake Paul’s continued success is now hurting White’s company. “It’s bad for the f**king brand. An elite UFC striker gets his biggest payday ever and gets demolished.” The stand-up comic also theorized that White wouldn’t send out one of his best UFC fighters such as Nate Diaz or Conor McGregor to fight the YouTuber as it would further damage his brand if they lost to the 24-year-old.

During the discussion, Flagrant 2 co-host Akaash Singh pointed out that Jake Paul has made UFC fighters notice how little pay they are getting. “They’re all noticing. And Jake Paul is calling it out so they are noticing it more. They’re gonna start asking [Dana White] why are you cutting off the biggest payday in my life, in a sport where I risk my life?”

Theories aside, Dana White has gone on record in a past August interview, stating, “I don’t hate the kid. Is he f**king annoying? Yeah, he’s annoying.” So it seems that the CEO doesn’t actually hate the YouTuber. Although if Jake keeps defeating former UFC fighters, maybe Andrew Schulz’s theory could eventually play out.