Who is the evil toddler on TikTok? Viral video explained

evil toddlerTikTok/beleafinfatherhood

A certain adorable baby dubbed the “evil toddler” has gone viral from the Beleaf N’ Family TikTok page for some of his hilarious antics.

One of TikTok’s most time-honored trends is babies pulling hilarious stunts, and the new baby, properly nicknamed the “evil toddler”, has joined the pantheon of munchkins.

The TikTok comes from Beleaf N’ Family, and this baby’s shenanigans are quite entertaining, yet scary.

Pixabay, Antonbe
TikTok has become home to interesting viral baby videos.

Evil toddler TikTok

The evil toddler comes from Beleaf N’ Families most recent TikTok, showing off how frustrated and sad his son becomes when his siblings leave for school.

In the TikTok, after the boy’s relatives exit the house, his dad provides a voice-over for his son’s emotional rollercoaster: “Alright, this is hands down the most emotional baby I’ve ever seen in my life. His brother and sister just left for school, and this is his honest reaction. He’s not just upset, he’s upset that he’s upset. So what does he do? He slaps himself in the face. This is an outward expression of what he’s feeling on the inside.”

“People ask me why I didn’t laugh. Because I was scared. This is nothing other than an evil villain’s origin story.”

At the end of the video, the baby glares an evil smirk at the camera, showing maybe his dad was right about the whole evil villain origin story thing.

Even with the evil smirk, this is still one of the cutest babies on TikTok, as evidence in the follow-up video where he does somersaults. Although he’s still upset his siblings are gone, he refuses to stop being adorable.

Even though he’s been dubbed the “evil toddler” of TikTok, he might not be such a menace after all.