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Who is Sam Ramsdell? TikToker goes viral for huge mouth

Published: 10/Nov/2020 17:43

by Alice Hearing


Imagine being able to eat a whole subway sandwich without taking small bites from the side. TikToker Samantha Ramsdell has got viewers in a frenzy after her video taking giant bites from a Subway meal went viral.

The reason TikTok is so obsessed with this one particular creator is not just because of her impressive ability to eat a sandwich, it’s what allows her to do so: she has a really big mouth. Sam even claims that she could eat the whole thing in just two bites.

TikTok is completely enthralled by it and have not held back with their reactions. In response to the sandwich video, one person wrote, “I would never let you take ‘one bite’ from my food.”


Another person wrote, “Me and my lockjaw could never.” Others suggested that she earn money from mukbangs, or asked if she was using a filter.

Sam Ramsdell TikTok viral
Instagram: Sam Ramsdell
Sam is totally unfazed by mean comments

Sam seems to spend a lot of her time answering questions all about how she goes about life with such a big mouth, including “How do you laugh?”, “How do you eat in formal places?,” and “Does it hurt?” When one person asked how she eats an apple, she responded with a TikTok of her shoving an entire apple in her mouth.

Amazingly, she doesn’t seem to take offense, even when someone said she looked like Connie in Coneheads, and instead uses it as an opportunity to laugh at herself and inform people, keenly demonstrating all the different ways she can stretch her mouth and even showing viewers photos from her childhood.


@samramsdell5Reply to @hopt690 if I really wanted to I can prob eat the entire thing in 2 bites 😬♬ original sound – samramsdell5

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The subway sandwich clip alone has had more than 12 million views, and Sam has lamented the fact that only the videos about how big her mouth is getting hits, despite that she is also a talented singer.

Sam has now amassed more than 700,000 followers and 19.2 million likes across her videos on TikTok.