Who is QCP? Meet the TikToker going viral for his unique cooking methods

Instagram: QCP

TikTok star ‘QCP’ is most known for his viral food tutorials on how to make pasta and other types of culinary dishes.

TikTok sensation Itsqcp, whose real name is Gianluca Conte, has garnered over 9 million followers on the platform with an added million fans on Instagram and YouTube.

The North Carolina native is most known for his popular TikTok series The Angry New Jersey Cooking Show which has the star aggressively cooking pasta, tiramisu, salmon, and other culinary delights, dubbing the catchphrase “Let’s make pasta BETCH.”

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Conte’s first four videos in the series earned him over 4.5 million likes on the app alone.

How TikTok star @Itsqcp rose to fame

On August 10, 2019, Conte uploaded his first video titled “When bae won’t kiss you,” which was him mocking the viral “baby girl chill” meme.

While Conte’s videos gained a decent amount of attention, it wasn’t until January 1, 2020, when he found his niche in his first episode of The Angry New Jersey Cooking Show, which later became a regular series.

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The two-year-old video has since amassed over 5.2 million views, with fans reacting in many different ways.

“I love you. I’m Italian and when you said “al dente” I felt it,” one commentator stated.

“He added no seasoning. A pinch of salt and black pepper doesn’t make food taste good. I’m confused,” another commented.

“He makes it look bad but it looks actually good,” one user said jokingly.

Conte has since branched off from just cooking past but also reviewing world-class restaurants such as Nobu and Hell’s Kitchen.

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The star has also been seen with the likes of Nick Digiovanni, Jesse James West, and more.

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