Who is Lubalin? Breakout TikToker who mixes music from internet drama

Who is Lubalin viral TikToker makes music from internet dramaInstagram: @lubalin_vibe_emporium / TikTok

TikTok is home to all manner of viral content and creative artists — but one user is standing out in particular, due to his outrageous musical renditions of current internet drama.

Plenty of musical artists make their homes on online platforms, getting their start everywhere from YouTube to Soundcloud. While plenty of up-and-coming musicians start off in this manner, very few take off in the way that ‘Lubalin’ has.

Lubalin is a popular TikToker whose content has driven him to the top of the viral video platform’s viewership, and it’s all thanks to the unexpected variable that forms the heart of his music — random internet drama.

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That’s right; Lubalin has managed to amass over 2.8 million followers and 24 million likes on TikTok thanks to his songs about feuds between random people online, one of which has garnered over 40 million views.

It’s not necessarily the huge scandals that are blowing up between internet stars that make up the content of Lubalin’s videos; rather, it’s hilarious conversations between people on various platforms, his most popular of which transforms a Facebook Market deal gone wrong into a legitimately beautiful melody.

What’s most impressive about Lubalin’s rise to fame is that he has only uploaded 19 videos at the time of writing. In just a short amount of time, this TikToker has managed to get a huge amount of eyes on his content, and it’s obvious that viewers keep coming back for more.

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In fact, Lubalin has become so popular that even Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon collaborated with the TikToker for a song based on people arguing over a salad dressing tier list — a topic that anyone else wouldn’t think to transform into a catchy pop tune.

As for how he manages to find the hilarious conversations he incorporates into his videos, Lubalin claimed the process is actually quite time-consuming, as told during an interview with Entertainment Tonight. According to the artist, the convos have to fit a particular vibe that he can easily make a song for, but after that, it’s all about finding the key moment that will make audiences laugh.

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While Lubalin is best known for his comedic side, he does make more serious music, which can be found everywhere from Amazon Music to Spotify and more.

His original song ‘Long Txts’ already has a quarter-million views on YouTube, and fans are hoping that his TikTok fame continues to shed more light on his musical ventures.