Who is Katie Notopoulos? Troll Threads “editor” goes viral with controversial post

Christy Mathew
Threads logo and screenshot of threads account suspension

It hasn’t taken long for Meta’s new social media app, Threads, to get its first big successful troll. The account Katie Notopoulos has caused a massive stir with a post claiming to be the “editor” of the site.

The new app shares similar features to Twitter, and is run by Meta, making it the most serious competitor yet. Millions of people including the biggest influencers, and streamers have already logged in to Threads.

This controversy started off with user @riff_n_ryan questioning the application’s makers on July 6. Their post read, “Will you make sure the Nazis are removed from this platform?”

The user’s question might be with regard to Twitter’s policies under the leadership of Elon Musk. Many people have been looking for an alternative to the app.

Viral troll post on Threads sparks controversy

Katie Notopoulos, claiming to be the “editor” of the new app responded, “Here at Threads, we expect everyone to be kind and respectful to others. That includes respecting the choice to live a Nazi lifestyle. We welcome everyone.”

The question and Katie's controversial response

The user was the self-proclaimed editor of Threads and received backlash for this response.

However, of course, Katie Notopoulos is not actually the editor-in-chief of Threads.

Notopoulos’ account was suspended from the platform after it was found to have violated the application’s community guidelines.

Who is Katie Notopoulos?

Katie Notopoulos worked at Buzzfeed as a Senior Technology reporter until April, according to her LinkedIn. Since Thursday, Notopoulos has been trolling on Twitter as the “editor-in-chief” of Threads.

Many of her articles on Buzzfeed covered the Musk takeover of Twitter, and the ensuing controversies

She even tagged Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg on several of her posts.

Katie’s posts kick up a storm

Some, who possibly failed to see through the absurdity of the posts, were very critical of Katie.

One user joked she will get “-20 to your social credit score,” while another expressed that they unfollowed her on Threads because of her “ridiculous post”.

However, after being suspended from the app, Katie posted a screenshot captioned: “Got my ass.”

The decision from Threads was that the troll “goes against our community guidelines on violence or dangerous organizations.”

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