Who is James Charles? Everything to know about the beauty influencer

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James Charles posing for an Instagram picture

James Charles is one of the best-known beauty influencers on YouTube, with over 24 million subscribers to his name. Here’s everything you need to know about the star, and his rollercoaster career so far.

YouTube has had a thriving beauty community for many years now, and one of its biggest creators is James Charles. Although he does plenty of reviews, he also frequently uploads bizarre makeup-related challenge videos, and has been known to collaborate with many people, from mainstream celebrities like Kim Kardashian, to popular TikTokers like Charli D’Amelio.

Despite his many subscribers, he has also been involved in several public controversies and dramas over the past few years, including his infamous fallout with fellow beauty YouTuber Tati Westbrook.

How old is James Charles?

James was born on May 23, 1999 in Bethlehem, New York, making him 22-years-old. His parents are Skip and Christine, and he has a younger brother, Ian, who has appeared in several of James’ YouTube videos.

James Charles posing for an Instagram photo
James has over 24 million subscribers on YouTube.

What is James Charles’ net worth?

It’s difficult to pin down exactly how much an influencer is worth, but according to the website Celebrity Net Worth, Charles is estimated to be worth around $22 million. James earns money through a variety of avenues, including his merch line and palette.

What is James Charles’ height?

James has previously revealed that he’s 5’10”.

Does James Charles have a palette?

James released an eyeshadow palette in collaboration with makeup company Morphe in 2018. It’s called simply ‘The James Charles Palette,’ and features 39 different shades of a range of colors. He also later went on to release a mini-palette and a brush set.


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However, following grooming allegations against the influencer in April 2021, he revealed that he and the company had mutually agreed to “wind down” the collection.

Currently, the palette is still available for purchase on Morphe’s website for $20.

Does James Charles have merch?

Charles owns a clothing company called ‘Sisters Apparel,’ and he’s released several lines of clothing since its creation. Originally it was powered by Jeffree Star’s ‘Killer Merch,’ but after their feud in 2019, the company was relaunched with a separate distributor.

What is James Charles’ subscriber count?

He currently has 24.6 million subscribers on YouTube. Following his drama with Tati Westbrook in 2019, he ended up losing over 1 million subscribers in a very short period of time, hitting the low point of 13.4 million.

However, after that point, his subscriber count has continued to rise.

James Charles & Tati Westbrook drama

Beauty YouTuber Tati Westbrook and James initially had a rather close relationship, with Westbrook taking on a mentor-like role for the young influencer. However, in May 2019, she uploaded a video titled ‘Bye Sister’ in which she accused him of being disloyal, and also of inappropriate behavior toward other men. This led to him losing over a million subscribers.

He responded with his own video title ‘No More Lies,’ attempting to disprove many of Tati’s claims with screenshots and receipts.

In June 2020, Tati went on to upload another video titled ‘Breaking My Silence’ in which she claimed she made her original video after being influenced by Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star, going on to reveal she had apologized to James.

James Charles 2021 controversy

Charles ended up in the firing line yet again in early 2021 after several teenage boys accused the influencer of ‘sexting’ them. On April 1, he uploaded a video response in which he admitted to having texted two boys under the age of 18, but claimed he didn’t know they were underage at the time.

“These conversations should have never happened,” he said. He returned to regular YouTube uploads in July, but his return to the internet was met with some backlash.

Although James still receives backlash from some people online, his subscriber count is continuing to rise as he makes more content online.

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