Who is Aya Tanjali? The 14-year-old TikToker going viral

Instagram: Aya

Charli D’Amelio might have to watch her back, because it looks like there’s a new young TikToker on the scene – 14-year old Aya Tanjali.

Aya, who goes by the TikTok handle ‘aaayyyaaaa’, is one of the biggest rising stars on TikTok right now. Her birthday is 24 April 2007, making her 14 years old.

She has 4.5 million followers on the app, with her videos having a combined viewership of 272.7 million. As well as this, she has almost hit 1 million followers on Instagram, with her current following standing at 976k.

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Instagram: Aya
Like a lot of tweens, Aya joined TikTok in early 2020 – at just 13-years-old, to quell lockdown boredom.

The curly-headed, US-based influencer has had TikTok since early 2020. As someone with mixed heritage, she has shared videos in the past showing her haircare routine, and also makes relatable sketches about family life, school and boy trouble. Like many TikTokers she also lip-syncs, dances and joins in with a lot of the latest trends on the app.

Several family members often appear in Aya’s videos, including her mom, two sisters, cousin and aunt. Both her younger sister, Sophie and cousin Alahm also have their own popular TikTok accounts.

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How did Aya get famous?

Aya’s profile exploded in August 2020 after her dance to the song ‘Sex Talk’ by Megan Thee Stallion went viral. At the time of writing, the views for that video stand at 5.8 million.

She also garnered attention after posting a duet video with popular TikTok star Davine Riley.

Another TikTok star that Aya is especially close to is DerekTrendz, who has 4.5 million TikTok followers as well as a popular YouTube channel.

The two frequently collaborate on TikTok content, and even attended October’s Creatives Live event together. In the past, Aya has said that Derek is like a “brother” to her.

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Following the growth of her platform, Aya has also started selling her own merchandise, which includes sweats, hoodies and accessories. It is estimated that her current net worth is 200,000$

Is 14 too young to be on TikTok?

According to TikTok’s official guidelines, users need to be at least 13 in order to access the “full TikTok experience.” For TikTokers under the age of 18, they need to have the approval of their parent or guardian before using the app.

Will Aya follow in the footsteps of young creators like Charli D’Amelio and Nessa Barrett to become TikTok’s next big star? She certainly has the potential.

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