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Who is Ava Majury? Ex-TikToker caught in the middle of stalker shooting

Published: 29/Mar/2022 18:19

by Dylan Horetski


TikToker Ava Majury has gained mass popularity over the last few months after her father shot and killed a stalker who broke into their home. But some people may be wondering… Who exactly is she? 

While TikTok is widely known for its viral dance trends and unique content creators, the short-form video app has been the home of a fair share of newsworthy stories.

Back in February, a popular user by the name of Ava Majury went viral after her father shot and killed Ava’s stalker after the person broke into the family home.

But who is the TikToker? Here’s everything we know about Ava Majury.


Who is Ava Majury on TikTok?

Ava Majury tiktok

15-year-old Ava Majury is a TikTok creator with over a million followers on the app, with over 57 million likes across all of her videos.

Before deleting her TikTok account, her content consisted of dance and lip-sync videos to trending songs on the app.

However, she’s maintained a social media presence on Instagram where she has continued to post pictures and the occasional video.

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What happened with Ava Majury? A stalker, a shooting & court case

On February 17, 2022, Dexerto reported that Ava Majury and her family spoke with The New York Times about an incident in 2020 involving a stalker that had broken into the family home.


According to the NYT interview, 18-year-old Eric Rohan Justin arrived at their house with a shotgun and blew open the front door. Ava’s father chased him off and went to grab his handgun to stand guard while waiting for the police.

Justin returned, and Mr. Majury requested the teenager to drop his weapon. When he instead pointed it at him, the father fired at Justin — killing him.

After the incident, it was revealed that she had experienced another classmate stalking her who had allegedly received communication from Justin before he passed.

Ava took this classmate to court shortly after, and it was revealed on March 28, 2022, that the court case was dismissed.


After the announcement that her court case had been dismissed, Ava told reporters outside of the courthouse that despite the decision — she still plans on spreading messages of positivity across her platforms.

For now, though, it’s likely that she’ll take a bit of a break from her life as a social media star.