TikTok star Ava Majury’s stalker was killed by father after shotgun attack

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Ava Majury in TikTok videos
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TikToker Ava Majury and her family have opened up about what happened after a stalker broke into their home, along with the aftermath of the disturbing event.

15-year-old Ava Majury is a popular TikToker with over 1 million followers on her main account alone, and a sum of 57.5 million collective likes across all her videos.

She downloaded TikTok when she was 13, and since then her content has primarily consisted of dance or lip-sync videos to trending sounds on the app. However, her internet fame quickly took a very dark turn when she caught the attention of a stalker.

Now, in interviews with the New York Times, Ava and her family have opened up about the frightening events that took place back in 2020.

Early that year, Ava reportedly noticed an account by the name of EricJustin111 was trying to get in touch with her across multiple different social media platforms. She said she responded to him a few times initially, as that was what she would usually do with her fans.

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She then noticed that friends from New Jersey and Florida were selling Justin pictures of her, along with her phone number.

Ava’s parents reportedly allowed her to sell the man images of her face that she had already posted to Snapchat.

“I wasn’t sending anything of my body,’’ she said. “It was just pictures of my face, which is what I assume that he was paying for. My whole thing is my pretty smile — that’s my content.”

Justin then added her on Venmo, pleading for feet photos and “booty pics,” after which she blocked him. Ava’s father then texted him, demanding him to stop contacting her, after which Justin shared a series of disturbing messages to one of Ava’s classmates, with plans to assault her.

Ava’s stalker breaks in

On July 10, 18-year-old Eric Rohan Justin arrived with a shotgun at the Majury home in Naples and blew open the front door. Ava’s father chased him off, went to retrieve his handgun, and then stood at the front door waiting for the police.

According to NYT, when Justin returned: “Mr. Majury said he ordered the teenager to drop the shotgun, and when he instead pointed it at him, Mr. Majury fired.”

Ava’s father was reportedly told by police that under Florida’s “stand your ground” law, he was not subject to prosecution.

Ava has now withdrawn from school after the classmate who received Justin’s messages allegedly began “following and watching her.”

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However, she remains active on social media with her parents’ support, with her mother saying: “Why should we allow them to stop her? Maybe she’s meant to bring awareness to all this.”

Ava admitted that sometimes at night: “I’d think, ‘I don’t want to do this anymore.’” But by morning, “I thought of all the benefits.’’

“Most people would say the money. And yeah, it’s a huge benefit. But it’s the experience. I got to go to L.A., the people that I met,” she said. “Just being able to make other people smile is what I like, the enjoyment of seeing the impact I made on some people’s lives.

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