Who are the Cavinder twins on TikTok? Basketball twins go viral

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Two of TikTok’s current most rising stars are Hanna and Haley Cavinder, a pair of twins who play basketball. Here’s everything you need to know.

Hanna and Hayley have amassed a huge 3 million followers on their TikTok account and more than 60 million likes and they’ve become hugely popular for their basketball trick shots, amazingly in-sync dance moves, and for their hilarious jokes about being identical twins.

The twins are currently 20 years old and are originally from Arizona, they both play Basketball for California State University, Fresno, and are lead scorers.

Hanna and Haley Cavinder Twins Basketball players
Haley and Hanna have more than 3 million followers on TikTok

Although they’ve had their account since 2019, Hanna and Haley started rapidly gaining followers in the latter half of 2020 when they started posting videos of them dribbling balls to popular TikTok songs, earning them viral success. Their most popular video has more than 27 million views.

From there onwards, they built up their account by posting even more amazingly in-sync dance moves and showing off their incredible basketball skills. As fans got to know their personalities, they have become more than just popular for their skills.

The sisters now post on their YouTube vlog channel where they’ve earned more than 65,000 subscribers and document their day-to-day lives as athletes, what they eat, who they socialize with, and where they travel.

What’s next for the Cavinder Twins?

They’re not household names, as collegiate athletes, but they’re arguably much more successful online than professional players, both men, and women.

However, while Hanna and Haley are hugely popular, they’ve been unable to monetize their success. Currently, the NCAA does not allow athletes to profit from endorsement deals, although it is moving towards making that decision.

Together, the twins “have almost as big of an influence in terms of value as Trevor Lawrence,” according to Blake Lawrence, CEO of marketing firm Opendorse, who spoke to ESPN about the influencers. He also said that Hanna and Haley could potentially earn more than half a million dollars per year.

The athletes have recently teased that they have some big news on the way, so watch this space.

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