David Dobrik reportedly plotting YouTube comeback for “beginning of next year”

David Dobrik shang chi auditionYouTube: David Dobrik

David Dobrik is reportedly already plotting an early 2022 return on YouTube, according to at least one popular insider, with the vlogger all set to shoot an extended Hawaii getaway with his crew in preparation for his comeback video.

Up until recently, David Dobrik was one of the biggest new-age influencers on the internet. The 24-year-old commanded a YouTube empire, based around high-energy pranks, huge giveaways, and regular four-minute, 21-second vlogs.

Public opinion drastically shifted against the YouTuber early this year though, when an ex-Vlog Squad member accused Dobrik of pressuring him into a dangerous prank. That accusation opened the floodgates; his lieutenant Durte Dom was accused of sexual assault, and sponsors abandoned him in droves.

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Soon after, Dobrik apologized for “letting a lot of people down,” and announced he would be taking a hiatus for the foreseeable future.

The YouTuber has already set the wheels in motion to end his internet exile, however, with the disgraced vlogger allegedly shooting a video in Hawaii that is set to release “the beginning of next year” as part of his planned 2022 comeback.

David Dobrik apologyYouTube: David Dobrik
The absent vlog-star hasn’t uploaded a video since his second YouTube apology on March 22.

According to Instagram insider deuxmoi, Dobrik “is back.”

That doesn’t necessarily mean his 18.3 million YouTube subscribers will see a new vlog pop up in their video queues any time soon though. Instead, the disgraced influencer is set to begin shooting his return videos in the near future.

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First up, apparently, is a tropical getaway.

Reports suggest David Dobrik will be “surprising” what’s left of his once-overflowing entourage with a Hawaii holiday, all of which will be filmed. Dexerto has yet to confirm how long they will be staying in Honolulu, but he’s expected to bank several videos’ worth of content while there.

This footage isn’t expected to surface for the next seven months. Instead, the YouTuber will reportedly sit on his filmed vlog content for the better part of 2021, before an orchestrated return at the “beginning of next year.”

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David Dobrik addresses rumors about his sexualityYouTube; Paper
Dobrik has leaked more than half a million YouTube subscribers since the Vlog Squad controversy began.

If reports surrounding Dobrik’s return plot are true, his comeback vlog will be posted just over ten months after his second apology in late March.

The planned video isn’t the only thing the YouTuber has cooking during his hiatus. Just last week, Dobrik’s close friend and fellow Vlog Squad member Corinna Kopf hinted that “VIEWS” — Dobrik’s lifestyle podcast — could be back as soon as June. The show’s last episode aired on March 11.

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For the most part, however, Dobrik has maintained his internet silence over the past two months; we’ll keep you updated once the YouTuber finally returns.

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