Where is TikTok’s viral “you crazy girl” sound from?

Georgina Smith
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TikTok is loving a viral audio of a woman saying “you crazy girl,” with the sound being used in thousands of videos and garnering millions of likes and views. But where did it originally come from? Here’s everything you need to know.

Short-form video platform TikTok has become the number one place to share viral content, with new trends constantly evolving from the most unexpected places.

‘Sounds’ are another name for audios on the app, and they can be anything from hits that are topping the charts, to snippets of random videos that fans have made into entire trends.

One sound that has been completely dominating people’s For You Pages throughout April and May is a short audio clip of a woman saying, “wow crazy, you crazy girl.”

TikTokers loved the audio, and it quickly snowballed into a popular trend, that saw people sharing their own weird habits, as well as those of their friends and families.

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Videos using the audio garnered millions of likes and views, and the popular trend proved to be an endless source of inspiration for users.

But where did the sound originally come from?

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“You crazy girl” TikTok sound origin

This trend originally began with a video from user Nicole Elizabeth, in which she told viewers: “I might regret doing this but I’m gonna try dipping my chicken burrito in the nacho cheese for my nacho fries.”

Another user, Maggie Stetson then replied to this video with a stitch, in which she said simply, “wow, crazy, you crazy girl,” with a close-up of her face.

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While it was a simple reaction, users absolutely loved it, and they quickly begged for the clip to be turned into a sound that other people could use, as people already could see the viral potential.

Sure enough, the sound took off, with Maggie’s video currently with over 9 million likes and 46 million views. There have been thousands of videos posted that use the sound, and the viral meme is continuing to spread across the platform as more and more people get involved.

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