Where is Jenna Marbles? Boyfriend claims she could be offline “forever”

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Jenna Marbles talks to the camera for a YouTube video

[jwplayer mgzBNoPb]OG YouTuber Jenna Marbles shocked the internet by announcing her indefinite hiatus from social media following accusations of racist behavior — and after two weeks of being offline, her boyfriend has returned with an update on the star.

Jenna Marbles boasts one of the longest and most successful careers on YouTube, having garnered over 20 million subscribers due to her comedic sketches and wholesome content with her greyhound pups.

However, the star came under scrutiny in late June, with some fans taking offense over her older videos where Marbles parodied rapper Nicki Minaj and appeared to mock Asian languages in a racist costume.

Marbles addressed these concerns in a video on June 25, announcing that she would be indefinitely stepping back from creating content and claiming that she wanted to “make sure the things I put into the world are not hurting anyone.”

Jenna Marbles cries while talking to the camera
In a now-deleted video, YouTuber Jenna Marbles announced that she would be stepping back indefinitely from the internet after apologizing for a few of her older videos.

Since then, Marbles has not been spotted online — but long-term boyfriend Julien Solomita updated fans on her status in an unexpected live stream on July 6 to put their concerns at ease.

“Jenna is offline,” Solomita revealed. “She is not on the internet. And, as she announced in her video, she doesn’t know if that’s gonna be forever. Could be a month, could be six months. Could be forever.”

“…she is doing well,” he continued. “And I know a lot of you guys are curious and concerned where she is and what she’s doing, and how she is. She appreciates the concern. She really does. She is offline right now. She is not gonna be making videos. She’s not gonna be on stream.”

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Solomita also asked fans to “respect” Marbles’ hiatus, as she takes the time she needs to recover and make her decision regarding her future on YouTube.

While many viewers were distraught at Marbles’ decision to step back from the internet, some felt it was the right decision for her to make, in wake of a slew of other top YouTubers being called out for problematic behavior in their past videos.

For now, all fans can do is watch and wait as one of YouTube’s biggest creators decides the future of her long standing status as an internet superstar.

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