When will T-Series hit 100 million YouTube subscribers? PewDiePie falls further behind

T-Series is expected to beat PewDiePie and become the first YouTube channel in history to reach the 100 million subscribers mark – but just when exactly will they do it?

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For the better part of a year, T-Series had been locked in a battle for YouTube supremacy with Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg. While the popular Swedish YouTuber dominated the standings for so long, he couldn’t hold off the Bollywood production company, despite longstanding help from fans, other YouTubers, and even celebrities like Elon Musk.  

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The pair have traded top spot a couple of times when the gap between them became single digits. Yet, T-Series marched past Pewds back in April and they haven’t let go of their lead since – continuing their rapid growth.

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T-Series had previously been slated to hit 100,000,000 later in the year.

Since taking the lead, T-Series has blown past every other channel in the race for 100 million subscribers, creating a 2.5 million sub gap between themselves and Pewds. Now, the Swede called time on his mission to beat the Bollywood production company, but fans have still been flooding into the Bollywood channel on a daily basis.

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According to a new projection from SocialBlade, T-Series is expected to hit the 100 million subscribers mark sometime between May 18-21, as an average of over 130,000 subs continues to roll into the channel on a daily basis.

Screengrab via SocialBladeSocialBlade expects T-Series to hit the million point sooner rather than later.
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While SocialBlade doesn’t quite document just where all the new subs are coming from, T-Series chairman Bhushan Kumar revealed that the channel didn’t want to get into the ‘war’ with PewDiePie, but that it had helped them grow beyond their domestic goals and become a global phenomenon – clearly assisting them on the way to 100,000,000.

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It remains to be seen if SocialBlade’s projection will be correct, or if the channel’s growth will slow down as viewers try their best to become that lucky 100 millionth subscriber by unsubscribing and resubscribing.

Regardless, barring some disaster, they will undoubtedly become the first channel in YouTube history to hit the mega milestone.

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