Sykkuno reveals depressing state of Twitch ads while watching xQc & Pokimane

sykkuno-twitch-adsTwitch: Sykkuno

Sykkuno inadvertently revealed the depressing state of Twitch advertisements on stream after having countless ones pop up while trying to watch xQc and Pokimane play Monopoly.

Twitch advertisements have been a hot topic for years, especially after the platform added what many deemed to be ‘intrusive’ ads in the middle of streams. Some streamers weren’t impressed and even helped fans avoid them.

Not a lot has changed since then.

Despite being one of the most successful streamers on the platform, Sykkuno was swamped with them too while trying to watch his friends, showing how bad it can be at times.

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Twitch streamer playing Fortnite with mobile chat openUnsplash: Caspar Rubin
Sykkuno has had some rough experiences with Twitch ads.

“Another ad?” he scoffed while watching xQc’s stream. “Five ads! Five ads here! Alright, hold on. I’m opening another stream. Jesus, man. Where’s Poki’s stream? Actual giga brain. Just alt-tab out and open someone else’s stream.”

However, it didn’t play out the way he imagined. Another ad popped up almost immediately on her stream, too. “Wait! Another ad?” he said in utter disbelief. “But I switched channels just to avoid the ads!”

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Sykkuno cycled through the streams of other streamers in their lobby, hoping to avoid them. “Keep switching streams until there are no ads left,” he told himself, and it seemed to work once he had them all open.

“All you’ve got to do is swap streams. Open everyone’s up when they’re playing together. Open all of their streams and swap out when you see the ads. Then you can avoid them. Because they’re all playing together anyway.”

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Although Sykkuno managed to find a solution in this particular instance, it revealed the extent of how invasive Twitch ads can be. It’s not the first time he’s expressed his frustration about them, either.

He also opened up about it in November 2021, saying: “I feel one ad is not so bad, but sometimes I pop into a stream, and it hits me with eight ads in a row, and I’m just like, ‘I wanted to watch the stream, not the same ad!’”

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