What it’s like inside the 100 Thieves x Attack on Titan Pop-Up Shop

100 Thieves x attack on titan pop up shop dexertoDexerto / 100 Thieves / Kodansha

On March 11, fans got an early chance to cop 100 Thieves’ highly anticipated collaboration with the ‘Attack on Titan’ anime series — and it was an experience well worth the wait.

100 Thieves is more than an esports team. The company has grown into a veritable entertainment giant over the years, scoring a team of major influencers, esports athletes, and creatives under its banner.

The org is also well-known for its passion for fashion, having collaborated with the likes of Gucci in the past (alongside its pre-existing and highly successful streetwear line).

However, in March 2022, 100 Thieves dropped jaws across Twitter by revealing that it was collaborating with none other than Kodansha for an exclusive Attack on Titan merchandise series.

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Hajime Isayama’s action-packed anime is coming to an end after nine years, with the season finale set to drop on Sunday, March 27.

Seemingly as an homage to this major event in the anime community, 100 Thieves wrapped their Culver City CashApp compound to look like Wall Maria, complete with the Colossal Titan peeking over the edge accompanied by Eren and Mikasa.

The sudden appearance of the Colossal Titan turned heads across social media — but not as much as 100 Thieves’ subsequent announcement of a pop-up shop for the merch line a day ahead of its online drop.

Being the die-hard anime-watchers we are at Dexerto, I knew I had to get an inside look into this unexpected (but absolutely welcome) collision of worlds between anime and esports.

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I headed over to the CashApp compound on the morning of March 11, fully prepared to wait in line for several hours in the hopes of copping the mustard yellow Levi Ackermann hoodie.

As anticipated, the line was already sprawling down the block by the time I arrived. Luckily, it wasn’t a monotonous, boring experience — being surrounded by esports and anime fans made for some good conversation as we all slowly made our way to the Compound.

Attack on Titan 100 Thieves lineDexerto
The line for 100 Thieves’ AoT pop-up shop was certainly sprawling.

That’s not all; some of 100 Thieves’ own influencers (like the adorably awkward JHB) took fans aside for quick interviews, adding some humor and star-power, and ultimately making some unforgettable memories.

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I finally made it to the front of the line four hours later to see that 100 Thieves had decked out the compound with a flying Levi near the busted-in front gate of the Shiganshina District.

100 Thieves Levi outside gateDexerto
Levi guards the entrance to the 100 Thieves CashApp Compound.

The Compound’s steps were also bedecked in the names of episodes from the anime’s 3rd season, where (spoiler alert) we learn the secret of the Titans that we’d so longed for, for over half a decade.

100 Thieves Attack on Titan cashapp compound stepsDexerto
The CashApp Compound decked out its front steps with names from episodes in the anime’s 3rd season.

However, the wow-factor truly hit when I stepped inside the Compound. The entryway boasted a series of TV screens replaying major moments from the show, framed by a black-and-white mural of the Attack Titan going beast mode.

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100 Thieves AoT Attack Titan muralDexerto
100 Thieves certainly know how to get anime fans excited.

Turning to the left, I was met with a room decked out in oodles of 100 Thieves merchandise. On the far wall hung a large splash art of Mikasa, as well as a massive picture of Levi — in whose blades you can see the reflection of a bemused Kenny.

100 Thieves Levi muralDexerto
This mural of Levi was the star of the show in the 100 Thieves AoT pop-up shop.

Staff were exceedingly friendly in spite of the huge turnout, doing their best to accommodate growing shortages of certain items and sizes.

100 Thieves AoT merch pop up shopDexerto
The 100 Thieves x AoT pop-up shop was pure flames.

I was able to nab the mustard yellow Levi hoodie that I’d wanted, but unfortunately couldn’t get the white T-shirt or sweatshirt. Instead, I copped the black 100 Thieves T-Shirt with Levi, and that’s not something I can complain about.

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100 thieves aot merchDexerto
This merch drop was absolutely worth the price. Hefty material and sturdy decals make for fashionable clothing that’ll last for years to come.

Ultimately, the attention to detail and fun atmosphere made the 100 Thieves x Attack on Titan pop-up store well worth the four-hour line. I made a few friends, got some great photos, and walked away with exclusive merchandise (without paying a shipping fee). How can you say no to that?