What is ‘where is the sky’ on TikTok? Spooky viral series hooks viewers

Screenshots Where Is The Sky videos on TikTokTikTok: where_is_the_sky / there_is_no_sky

An account called ‘where is the sky’ is going viral on TikTok thanks to its spooky videos that follow the story of a person who claims they are being chased by frightening creatures in a world that’s permanently dark.

While TikTok is often regarded as a hub for dance, lip-sync, and comedy content, some users have been making the most of the platform as a medium for storytelling, sometimes in the form of ARGs.

ARG stands for Alternate Reality Game and refers to a type of narrative that uses the real world as a platform for storytelling, using multiple different forms of media to deliver the story. These kinds of series often allow the audience some level of participation, leaving clues and puzzles for people to join in with, and sometimes even letting viewers have a say in the story.

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One series is going particularly viral on TikTok, and the spooky videos have got people fascinated by the developing story. The main account is called ‘where_is_the_sky’ which posted its first video on November 27, 2020

In the description, the account owner wrote: “I don’t even know why I’m doing this but hopefully somebody sees this? it’s 11AM and the sun still hasn’t come up? Everybody in my apartment is gone?”

The videos in the months following show the TikTok user navigating a dark world, tormented by scary monsters and frightening sounds. In one video that got over 30 million views, they are chased up a winding staircase by a shadowy figure, thoroughly freaking viewers out.

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This account is also connected to at least one other TikTok account, ‘there_is_no_sky,’ and a LinkTree in the bio shows there is a YouTube and a Twitter account linked to the ARG.

Also included is an Instagram account for someone by the name of Lewis Witterick, who could potentially be the creator of the series.

Many commenters have compared ‘where is the sky’ to a very popular Twitter ARG called ‘the Sun Vanished’ that started in 2018. Both series have similar concepts, so people are interested to follow this story and see what happens in this bizarre alternate reality.

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The account currently has over one million followers and is gaining more by the day, as people remain gripped by the story.