What is TikTok’s viral ‘Ring of Fire’ trend?

Georgina Smith
TikTokers do the Ring of Fire trend on TikTok

TikTokers are going viral by participating in the ‘Ring of Fire’ trend, where people run carrying an assortment of bizarre objects in clips that are garnering millions of views.

TikTok consistently proves to be the best place to go to find the latest viral trends and challenges that are taking over the internet, and there’s been a whole range of them blowing up and getting thousands of users involved.

The latest fad that’s baffling the internet is being dubbed the ‘Ring of Fire’ trend, with the name inspired by the classic Johnny Cash song that’s used as the background music to the challenge.

In this bizarre trend, participants will wear an assortment of random items, and simply run, often with a blank facial expression while they do so.

People have worn anything from a traffic cone to a bucket, holding an array of items like a fish, a bottle of milk, and a carton of eggs.

Many of these videos have garnered millions of views and hundreds of thousands of likes on TikTok, with viewers loving the hilarious trend despite being completely baffled by it.

“I just love these kinds of videos, honestly they make me smile at how random they are,” one comment read.

Another user said: “I love the chaotic nature of any video that has this sound.”

Netizens have loved making their own versions of the craze, picking increasingly peculiar objects to run with along to the viral audio – and it looks like there are going to be plenty more additions to the challenge as more people encounter it on their For You Page.

The ‘Ring of Fire’ trend joins other challenges like the ‘Tortilla Slap’ game which, as the name suggests, saw users slap their friends in the face with tortillas.

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