What is TikTok’s viral ‘hand dance’ trend?

Virginia Glaze
what is tiktok's viral hand dance trend

TikTok’s latest dance challenge doesn’t require the use of your whole body. Instead, you only need your hand — and users are obsessed with it.

When it comes to viral dances, it’s safe to say that TikTok is king.

The popular video platform is responsible for a number of dance challenges that have taken over social media in the past. Who could forget the ‘Savage’ dance, or the internet-breaking ‘WAP’ choreography?

However, TikTok’s latest viral dance number is unlike some of the app’s most popular trends for the simple fact that you only use one hand to pull it off.

TikTok hand dance trend explained

The choreo was first posted by TikTok user Ms. Kei on August 4. In just over a week, her video has garnered over 4 million likes and a jaw-dropping 127 million views.

In her TikTok, Kei gracefully places one of her hands in different poses in time to the music — a slowed-down, reverberated version of the Spice Girls’ ‘Wannabe’ that had some viewers wondering if she edited the clip to match the classic track.

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Users simply can’t get enough of Kei’s hand movements, so, of course, she uploaded another hand-dance video that’s racked up a whopping 17 million views.

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Viewers are comparing Ms. Kei to Wanda Maximoff, referencing the Scarlet Witch’s signature hand movements when she casts spells, and overall just gushing at how elegant her hands are.

“It’s like Wanda’s hand motions, it’s so cool,” one user wrote.

“You would be a perfect Avenger,” another said.

“Why am I simping for hands?” another commenter admitted.

Ms. Kei’s hand choreography has gone so viral that other people are trying it out for themselves, similarly racking up millions of views like TikTok user ‘nephilim.kos,’ who incorporates a neat handcuff trick into their version of the fad.

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It’s never certain what trends will actually take off on TikTok… but this one is one of the more interesting crazes to go viral on the app, hot on the heels of the super-popular ‘love language’ quiz.

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