What is TikTok’s ‘Beer Beer Truck Truck’ song? Musician crafts country song from hilarious parody

Beer Beer Truck Truck TikTok songYouTube: GeorgeBirgeVEVO

Red dirt roads, ice cold beer, and beautiful Southern belles are all key parts of many modern country songs… but one musician set out to change this stereotype after coming across a viral parody of the genre online.

Country often finds itself as the brunt of many jokes in discussions about music. “I like anything but Country” is a fairly common sentiment among many mainstream listeners, and is generally whittled down to the genre’s newer installments over the past decade and change.

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The contrast between “old” and “new” country is like night and day (it’s no stretch to say that Luke Bryan and Willie Nelson have nearly nothing in common)… but modern country isn’t all about ‘beer beer truck truck, girls in tight jeans,’ despite the popular sentiment.

Erynn Chambers coined the aforementioned phrase in a clip that has gone viral on TikTok, which caught the eye of musician George Birge, a former member of the Country duo ‘Waterloo Revival.’

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Using the TikToker’s humorous and repetitive lyrics, Birge crafted a genuinely catchy tune arguing against the stereotype that has now garnered over 2 million views.

“Listen, we all know she has a point,” Birge said of Chambers’ parody video. “But something about it made me want to prove to myself and to her that we could take those lyrics and make something cool out of it.”

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Since then, Birge has created an entire song around Chambers’ lyrics, which is available to listen on just about every major music platform on the net.

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“It was also cool because it was obviously a joke,” Birge told Taste of Country regarding his viral hit. “She was doing it light-hearted, and she’s actually been a great sport about it and a real supporter of the song.”

This unexpected collaboration has birthed a surprising Country banger, proving that the genre really isn’t all about ‘beer beer truck truck’ (and giving Chambers some high-profile songwriting credits, in the process).

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