What is the viral ‘air mattress Ashley’ trend on TikTok?

What is the viral 'air mattress Ashley' trend on TikTok?TIKTOK: thevelrodfamily / heyitsbret

The ‘air mattress Ashley’ trend is making TikTok users question their romantic partner’s loyalty. Here is everything you need to know about it.

New words and phrases pop up all the time on TikTok, and the platform has its own vocabulary full of strange and unique expressions that may be confusing to some.

Numerous inside jokes and references have emerged from the short-form app, and have went on to become viral trends. One of the most recent examples is the toxic ‘Ben Stage‘ phenomenon.

Now, using the popular ‘Mr. Wired Up‘ sound, thousands of TikTokers have made videos referencing an ‘air mattress Ashley.’ The hashtag for the trend has already garnered 6.3 million views, but many are unsure about the meaning. Here is everything to know.

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What is an ‘air mattress Ashley’ on TikTok?

According to Urban Dictionary, an air mattress Ashley is a girl your boyfriend or partner cheats on you with, and is perceived to be less attractive than the person’s actual partner.

Basically, you would be likened to a “King size luxury mattress,” while Ashley is more on the air mattress level. The fictional woman is said to seduce and steal your partner if you don’t take good care of him.

Users have garnered thousands of views with their videos about the phenomenon, although the viral trend has received mixed reactions.

The TikTok trend sees people share their hilarious reactions to the imaginary figure. Some joked about getting rid of their cheating partners with the help of “Ashley.” Others have said they’re confident that their partners won’t cheat on them with air mattress Ashley.

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Several users have slammed the fictional woman, telling her to find her own husband, instead of going after an already-married person. 

However, some TikTokers have urged other users to not fight over men and worry about Ashley as it normalizes the idea of cheating.