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What is the TikTok magnet challenge? Viral trend puts users in hospital

Published: 29/May/2021 15:40

by Connor Bennett


A few strange trends have started to take over TikTok revolving around magnets, one that has people faking the fact they’re magnetic, and another that has led some to be admitted to hospital. 

As it’s become more and more like Vine, with comedy skits, pranks, and everything else taking over, TikTok has been home to some wacky and strange trends.

In the past, users have reported seeing real-life ‘zombies’, tried to convince others that TikTok is shutting down, and even tried to make it seem like they can talk to spirits.

However, in recent days and weeks, a few trends revolving around magnets have taken over and they’re both pretty usual. However, one in the UK has seen people admitted to hospital over.


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TikTok magnetic balls trend explained

The trend that has taken over the UK revolves around things called ‘Magneto Balls’. As the name suggests, they’re small, magnetic balls that can be used in a variety of different ways.

One search for Magento Balls on TikTok will return results where users are making things with them and faking piercings, especially tongue and nose piercings.

By putting these small magnets in their mouth, users have been giving off the illusion that their tongue is pierced and that the balls can speed around their mouth in a circle. However, as Sky News has reported, the UK’s NHS service has had to put a warning out against the trend and magnetic balls after several users were hospitalized for swallowing them, as they are a choking hazard. Though, a few have recovered from their hospital visit.


@madisonamandda#ThisorThatSBLV #diy #piercing♬ We Can’t Be Friends – Dream Koala

What is the TikTok MagenticChallenge?

The other ‘magnet challenge’ on TikTok is equally strange but isn’t as life-threatening. In fact, it’s just a complete hoax.

What some users are doing is suggesting that they are actually magnetic and can make things stick to themselves. Of course, this isn’t true. As one post debunked things, pointing out that TikTokers are using tape to make one magnet stick to them.

This makes it seem like they’re magnetic, but, obviously, they’re faking it.

@melissadesmAfter many requests, here is the Tik Tok Magnet Challenge. #SpotlightAPI #vaccine #pfizer #covid #magnetchallenge #conspiracy♬ SUNNY DAY – Matteo Rossanese

Of course, curiosity always gets the best of some and they’ll dive into a hole for both trends, regardless of what happens.


However, anyone who messes with the ‘Magneto Balls’ trend should heed the warnings. As for the latter, no one is turning into X-Men’s Magneto anytime soon.