What is the TikTok door knock challenge? Police warn against trend

Dylan Horetski
tiktok logo on screens

TikTok has seen a plethora of trends on the platform over the years, with the latest being the door knock challenge. Here’s everything we know about it and why the police are warning against doing it.

TikTok users have seen — and participated — in more than a handful of trends on the app since its launch in 2016.

There’s been dozens of dance trends over the years, as well as more dangerous challenges like chroming and the devious lick.

Now, the TikTok door knock challenge is causing police to warn against people doing it for their own safety. Here’s everything we know about the trend.

TikTok door knock challenge explained

The TikTok door knock challenge has participants going around banging on and kicking the doors of random houses in the middle of the night.

According to police in Friendswood, Texas, the trend has caused physical and emotional distress for residents and stated that there have been several reports from people.

“In the video footage that has been received from victims, it appears to be teenage males that are kicking and banging on doors. The department is in the process of identifying all of the individuals involved,” they said.

Fox25 Houston shared a clip of the footage on their Instagram account, where you can see a group of kids approaching the house before startling its residents.

The police department garnered quite a bit of reaction on its Facebook post, with many sharing their thoughts on the challenge.

“Come on!! This is Texas. People could get hurt doing this stupid stuff,” one said.

Another replied: “That’s modern day ding dong ditching. Everybody did this as a kid including myself.”

“This is not appropriate at any time of day. I agree with others. This could turn out very badly for someone’s child. They will either be killed or wounded and, yes, the parents will be very hurt, angry, etc. I hope they stop before it goes too far,” a third replied.

Friendswood Police have removed the reference to TikTok in their Facebook post since it was first written.