What is ‘the Strawberry Question’ on TikTok? Viral prank baffles users

Georgina Smith
TikTok logo over a background of strawberriesUnsplash: Sviatoslav Huzii / TikTok

A prank named ‘the Strawberry Question’ in which people ask their partners about a hypothetical scenario involving strawberries is going viral on TikTok, with some saying their answers indicate whether or not they are likely to cheat.

The TikTok community loves a good trend, and there are new ones going viral just about every week as people engage with and recreate the content they see pop up on their For You Page.

While the meanings behind most trends are relatively straightforward, occasionally one will pop up that ends up baffling those who are out of the loop. In the past, this has been anything from the meaning behind a certain date to the use of a particular emoji.

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The latest trend that’s confusing users has been dubbed the ‘Strawberry Question’ by many. In these videos, someone will ask their partner a series of questions about a strawberry field, such as whether they’d be willing to take a strawberry from the field even if they were hungry and there was a fence, and how many they would take.

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According to the trend, the answers to these questions reveal whether or not their partner is likely to cheat on them. If someone answers no to all the questions it means they ‘passed,’ but if they answered yes to some or all of them then it means they have ‘failed.’

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People have been posting their results from the prank on TikTok, garnering thousands of likes and views for their clueless partners’ responses.

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Comment sections have been flooded by some who have tried the test on their own partners and want to reveal the outlandish things they’ve said, along with plenty who have no idea what the strawberries are meant to symbolize.

With how popular the trend is getting on TikTok, it could continue to stick around for months to come.

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