What is the ‘foopah’ challenge on TikTok? Flashing trend explained

Kawter Abed
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TikTok users have slammed the latest flashing trend known as the ‘foopah’ or ‘fupa’ challenge on the social media app. Here’s everything to know about it.

TikTok is home to a huge array of different trends and challenges, with users flocking to the app every day to find out what the latest craze is.

While some of these trends have been harmless and light-hearted, there are a couple that have raised concerns. These include challenges such as the spicy gum challenge, the Blackout Challenge, and many more.

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Now, users are criticizing a controversial TikTok trend popularly known as the ‘foopah’ or ‘fupa’ challenge. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

What is the foopah challenge?

The foopah challenge is the new trend where women have been flashing their breasts for a split second on TikTok, while avoiding bans for nudity.

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Basically, the videos are being recorded in a manner where the face of the creator can’t be seen, and the they’re usually shot as a reflection in a mirror that’s been kept far away. This makes it difficult for TikTok to flag the content.

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The trend first gained traction in January 2023, when TikToker oopsfoopahhhh posted a video of herself flashing her privates in front of the camera.

Foopah challenge slammed by TikTok users

While several creators have taken part in the foopah challenge, many users have condemned the trend, arguing that it promotes nudity on the app which is consumed by teens.

“Kinda weird to flash people on an app that’s primarily children,” one user wrote. “I’m so tired of it I’ve blocked so many accounts,” another added.

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“They purposely expose minors to content they are not legally allowed to consume and force TikTok to greater harsher systems to target us,” someone else shared.

The foopah challenge posts may be avoiding the app’s automatic moderation, but viewers can still report these videos to get them assessed manually by TikTok staff.

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