What is Doja Cat’s September 1st manifestation TikTok trend?

Kawter Abed
Doja Cat

TikTok users have been obsessed with Doja Cat’s September 1st manifestation trend which hints that they will get paid $3,111.

Many viral trends named after celebrities have been popping off on the social media app lately. Some of the most iconic trends have included Lizzo’s viral ‘About Damn Time’ dance, Addison Rae’s lip gloss trend, and so many more.

Now, a TikTok trend linked to Doja Cat is taking over many people’s For You Pages. It’s known as the ‘September 1st manifestation trend.’ If you are confused about what it means, here is an explainer.

Doja Cat September 1st manifestation trend explained

The trend requires is its users to use the ‘Beach Waves Sounds – Ocean Sounds, Sea Waves Sounds, and Ocean Waves’ sound to create a video claiming that they are manifesting that they would get $3,111 before or on September 1st.

Manifestation is the process of believing that when you say your dreams and wishes out loud, the chances of them turning into reality are higher.


Over 700,000 videos have been shared using the ‘Beach Waves Sounds’ sound. The hashtag for 3111 has amassed over 13 million views, and is flooded with users manifesting that they will receive $3,111 next month.

It’s not the first time that users have been obsessed with the idea of manifestation, as the ‘369 manifestation method’ was trending on the social media app last year. The September 1st manifestation trend, however, is gaining a lot more attention because people have used Doja’s name in it.

While it’s unclear who started the trend by using the pop star’s name, it has convinced many that Doja herself has manifested it.

However, there’s no proof of Doja ever saying this. Thus far, it appears to be a trend that was started by an unknown person, and became quite popular on the social media platform as several users started jumping on the bandwagon.

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