What is Dall-E mini? AI program goes viral for creating any image users want

what is dall-e mini 2Dall-E Mini / The Walt Disney Company / Wikimedia Commons

The latest viral fad taking over the internet is all thanks to a genius AI image generator that creates any photo users can imagine. Here’s everything we know about this unique tool.

The internet — especially social apps like Twitter and TikTok — is a hive for creating viral content of all sorts that often leaks into the real world.

From popular pasta recipes to absurd physical challenges and more, the internet loves to create new fads… but this latest trend is the result of years of work in deep-learning algorithms.

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If you’ve been on Twitter lately, you’ve probably seen some combinations of pretty strange images taking over your timeline.

These image combos are the result of an AI generator called the ‘Dall-E mini.’ Dall-E, cleverly named after Spanish artist Salvador Dali and Disney’s lovable robot character Wall-E, is able to create completely original images based on users’ prompts.

Some of these images are certainly more accurate than others, resulting in hilarious — and sometimes, downright confusing — pictures based on whatever people can imagine, like this one of “Big Chungus fighting the Power Rangers on Conan O’Brien’s show.”

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big chungus dall e mini

A few of the most hilarious generated images are going viral on Twitter, such as Halo’s “Master Chief eating beef.”

Honestly, it’s pretty impressive to see what this generative model can do — who’d have ever thought an AI could create a picture of Queen Elizabeth in space?

While the specifics of the program are a bit complicated, essentially, the Dall-E mini is able to create these images using automated text descriptions of pictures to form photos based on what users want. Pretty cool, right?

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How to use Dall-E mini

To create your own horrific AI-generated images, just head over to the Dall-E mini website and type in whatever you can think of.

It might take a little while to load your results, but the end product is certainly worth the wait.

dall-e black catDall-E Mini
Our prompt of a “black cat wearing a witch hat in a field of strawberry shortcake” resulted in this adorable image group. D’aww.

Only time will tell where this tool ends up going, but developers are already looking to create more realistic versions of the app in the near future. Now that’ll be a sight to behold.

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