Internet floored by TikToker’s $8,000 apartment hunting tour

TikToker takes viewers on tour of expensive apartmentTikTok: stephanieleighnyc

A TikToker has gone viral for giving viewers a glimpse into her expensive apartment hunting around New York. 

TikTok has given many viewers the chance to see some of the world’s most famous places whether it’s a built-up city or a remote location in the countryside.

With so many iconic sights, The Big Apple is a tourist’s dream. However, for residents, it can be an expensive experience.

One TikToker who decided to show the realities of living in New York left viewers in awe after sharing the insane rent costs that some of the city’s homes can be up for.

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Influencer Stephanie Leigh Instagram pictureInstagram: stephanieleighnyc
TikToker Stephanie Leigh normally posts videos showing off her outfits but hit big success with her apartment hunting videos.

TikToker gives NYC apartment tour

TikToker ‘stephanieleighnyc’ changed her usual fashion-based content to take fans on her hunt for a new apartment in New York City.

She explained: “Our landlord decided to raise our rent by an absurd amount because it’s a condo building and apparently they can do that. So, here we are apartment hunting.”

However, viewers were left in shock after seeing she was looking at a 2 bedroom and 2 bathroom apartment worth $8k a month. Followed by another in the same building which was on the market for $12k a month.

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It comes as rent prices in Manhattan are reported to be at a record high with the net effective median shooting up to 38.7 percent in 2022, according to Newsweek.

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Fans were outraged by the amount that Stephanie was having to pay for the apartment and supposedly getting very little for a great deal of money.

One shocked at the condition of the apartment said: “$8,000 a month and they couldn’t even sweep the floors.” Another compared it to the prices of other homes in the rest of the US: “$8000 a month would get you a full out mansion in more than half the country.”

The video has gone on to pick up more than 5.8 million views on TikTok, as of writing and Stephanie has gone on to post more clips on her hunt for a new apartment.

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