How to use Spotify Pie Charts to map out your music tastes

spotify pie chartsSpotify

People are discovering how to make Spotify Pie Charts to break down their music listening habits. Here’s how to use it to make your own.

Spotify already gives people a way to see their ‘year in review’ based on what they’ve heard with the annual Spotify Wrapped summary, which shows everything from your favorite artists to minutes spent listening in a neat slideshow.

But for people who want to see their monthly activity on the streaming service, there’s a third-party program that lets you do just that – all while giving you detailed breakdowns of your most obscure genres.

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The tool is getting really popular with TikTok and Twitter users as more people share their personal pies to see how it stacks up with other listeners.

Spotify pie chartsvia Darren Huang
Examples of how Spotify Pie Charts turn out for people who want to see their music history.

How to make Spotify Pie Charts

To make a Spotify Pie Chart, go to Darren Huang’s website. Simply log in to your Spotify account using your credentials and watch the magic happen.

Your pie will look like a circular rainbow with as many colors as there are genres that you’ve streamed in the last month.

Moreover, depending on the amount of artists you’ve tuned into, there will be a descending list of bands with your most listened-to pick in the biggest bold letters on the screen.

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For people who stick to a tight rotation of a few artists, then expect to see a brief chart and drop-down list based on your Spotify history.

spotify wrappedSpotify
Spotify Pie Charts are the monthly versions of the streaming services’ annual ‘Wrapped.’

But for those who leave the radio playing, expect to have more than a few names on your personalized pie chart.

These are great ways to see what you’ve been listening to the most, and is a fun way to share your music habits with friends.

Until Spotify users get their 2022 Wraps at the end of the year, the Spotify Pie Charts will give you a decent preview of how your library holds up.

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