What happened to Livvy Dunne’s TikTok? Gymnast’s profile suddenly goes dark

Livvy Dunne responds after tiktok profile suddenly disappearsInstagram: livvydunne

Social media star and internet-famous gymnast Olivia ‘Livvy’ Dunne sent fans into a panic after her TikTok profile suddenly disappeared for a short time on February 1.

Livvy Dunne is the internet’s latest “it-girl.” The Louisiana State University gymnast has acquired a massive fandom online, boasting over 7 million followers on TikTok and 3 million on Instagram.

Her fanbase isn’t just relegated to the online world, either; in fact, she had to ramp up security after a horde of fans showed up to one of her gymnastics competitions in January.

Since then, fans have kept a close eye on Livvy’s social media profiles, wondering what’s next for the college athlete… but they were given quite a shock on February 1.

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Livvy Dunne TikTok profile goes missingInstagram: livvydunne

That day, users immediately noticed that Dunne’s TikTok profile suddenly went dark for several hours. On top of that, some of her videos were unpinned and had even begun disappearing from her page entirely prior to the page’s odd disappearance, leading some to theorize that she had been hacked.

Livvy Dunne responds after TikTok profile goes missing

Luckily, Dunne’s TikTok profile is back up and running — and the gymnast attributes the odd incident to a probable glitch on TikTok’s side.

Livvy Dunne responded to the ordeal in a tweet after her TikTok page was back up and running, saying, “It’s a glitch. I don’t know what’s wrong with my account right now.”

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Despite the concerning mishap, Dunne is taking the whole situation in stride, retweeting a humorous post referencing Tom Brady’s recent retirement.

“Tom Brady retires and Livvy Dunne’s TikTok gets banned,” a user wrote. “Truly is a sad day in America.”

This latest news follows Dunne’s recent beef with TikTok star Markell Washington, who accused the gymnast of being rude to him when he tried to give her a handshake while waiting in line at Saddle Ranch in Los Angeles.