Gymnast Livvy Dunne gives tearful reply to Markell Washington feud

Olivia dunne responds to markell washington claimsInstagram: livvydunne / YouTube: BFFs with Dave Portnoy and Josh Richards

Viral gymnast Olivia Dunne is defending herself against accusations from TikToker Markell Washington, who claims she was rude to him when he approached her for a handshake.

20-year-old Olivia Dunne is taking over the internet after skyrocketing to social media stardom in early 2023, garnering a swath of young male fans (some of whom notably swarmed outside of a January 6 gymnastics meet in an attempt to meet their idol).

The Louisiana State University gymnast (affectionately known as ‘Livvy’) boasts over 6.7 million followers on TikTok and continues to appear on ‘For You Pages’ across the app… but not everyone is enamored with the college athlete.

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Recently, TikToker Markell Washington claimed that Dunne was rude to him while he was standing in line at Saddle Ranch in Los Angeles. According to Washington, he reached out for a handshake — only to get the stink eye in return.

Olivia Dunn responds to allegations from Markell WashingtonInstagram: livvydunne

Markell Washington accuses Livvy Dunne of rude behavior

“I reached out and tried to shake her hand, I tell you not, sis looked like this [imitates giving side eye], ‘Hi, nice to meet you — Wait, ‘Roommate,’ where did you say y’all were going?'” he explained.

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“We ain’t gonna hate her, that was just my only ever encounter with her, but it’s like, first encounters are everything,” he continued. “Even if she were to apologize or say she didn’t see me type sht — btch, you saw me!”

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Washington went on to further explain his side of the story after speaking his piece about Dunne on the BFFs Podcast, arguing that he wasn’t lying about the encounter and admitting that the entire situation was “stressing” him out.

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Dunne quickly took notice of Washington’s comments and gave a tearful response to the whole ordeal in a live stream on TikTok.

“I just want to do my gymnastics and make content,” Dunne said. “I would never, ever… I’m not being dramatic. My feelings are hurt.”

She went on to say that Josh Richards, co-host of the BFFs Podcast, FaceTimed her and apologized for the hate Dunne was receiving after the show went live.

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“I guess that’s what social media is,” the gymnast continued. “People can just make stuff up.”

For now, it looks like public sentiment is decidedly against Dunne for her alleged treatment of Markell, with some critics claiming she exhibited discriminatory behavior toward the TikToker — who is set to be the next internet “it” girl following an NCAA rule change.

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