What does ‘slay’ mean on TikTok?

App logos on phone screenUnsplash: Solen Feyissa

‘Slay’ is a term you may have encountered in a variety of different videos and comment sections on TikTok, but what does this word mean, and when do you use it?

TikTok is continuing to attract new users from across the globe on a daily basis, with the collection of viral content on the app continuing to grow.

There are a number of different slang terms and phrases that have become prominent on TikTok over the years. Some words, like FYP, are unique to TikTok, however, there are plenty of other words which originated elsewhere, and are simply frequently used by people on the platform.

Slay is one word that you have probably seen crop up on TikTok, whether that’s by someone saying it in a video, or writing it in a comment or DM. Here’s everything to know about what it means.

What does ‘slay’ mean on TikTok?

When used on TikTok and other social media platforms, ‘slay’ is often used as a way of complimenting someone.

According to Dictionary.com, the term can mean ‘to do something spectacularly well,’ especially when it comes to fashion, artistic performance, or self-confidence.”

You might see creators use this in the captions of their own videos, or use it to refer to other people’s content in the comment section.

The word has also featured in a number of different viral TikTok sounds, so it’s not uncommon to hear it in the background of some videos.

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