What is the shouting girl meme that’s taking over Twitter?

Georgina Smith
Woman shouts at man in new meme

Twitter is loving a viral meme that’s taking over the site, based on an image of a woman yelling into a seemingly uninterested man’s ear. Here’s everything you need to know about the trend.

Just about everyone loves a good viral meme, and Twitter continues to be the best place to find some of the latest popular memes that are taking the internet by storm.

They can be based on anything from a random picture someone found online, to a specific template like the ‘Little Miss’ memes that have been taking over social media for the last few months.

One of the latest trends that’s rising in popularity again on Twitter is the shouting girl meme, also known as the ‘yelling girl’ or ‘girlsplaining’ meme.


The image the meme is based on is of two people who appear to be at a musical festival, with the woman shouting enthusiastically into the seemingly disinterested man’s ear.

People have been using the image as the perfect opportunity to rant about their niche interests in all caps, including everything from Stardew Valley and astrology, to TV shows and more.

Tweets using this template have been garnering hundreds of thousands of likes as the meme spreads across social media, with more people jumping on the trend every day.

This isn’t the first of this kind of image to go viral, and one user even spliced together this picture with another similar one in a viral tweet alongside the caption, “there’s someone out there for everyone.”

Although it’s seeing a boost in popularity now, the shouting girl image has been circulating online since as early as 2019 according to Know Your Meme, but it’s getting a new lease of life in August 2022.