Waitress humiliates customers for writing “racist” message instead of tipping

Michael Gwilliam
tiktoker confronts racist customers

A waitress is going viral on TikTok after she exposed a couple of customers for writing a “racist” message on their receipt instead of tipping her.

Waitresses have to deal with a lot of drama at their jobs. From overly-demanding customers to brawls breaking out in restaurants, there’s no shortage of shenanigans.

Considering everything that happens at a busy dining spot, the last thing TikToker and waitress Amira Donahue wanted to deal with was racial abuse and decided to take matters into her own hands when it happened to her.

In a viral video, the waitress revealed that some of her teen customers had written “black” on the gratuity line of their bill instead of tipping… so she confronted him to see what their problem was.

Waitress confronts teens over “racist” note on receipt

Immediately after asking the teens why they wrote “black” on their receipt, the duo tried to weasel their way out by claiming they didn’t know what the word meant.

Clearly embarrassed about being on video, the teens tried to give Amira a tip, but she refused, instead demanding answers about why they wrote the note.

“That’s what he told me to write,” one deflected the blame onto his friend. “Can I tip you?”

Eventually, the waitress walked away without accepting any cash before uploading the TikTok to her account where it went viral, leaving viewers over the moon that she stood up for herself.

“I love that you embarrassed them,” commented one viewer, while others remarked how the teens were left shaking in their crocs.

However, in another clip, she explained that she didn’t want to expose their names, stating that confronting them was “karma.”

“Whatever guilt is eating them up is probably good enough for me,” she laughed.

This is hardly the first viral tip video we’ve seen recently. Earlier this week, a DoorDash driver didn’t handle a situation as well as Amira and insulted a customer over a measly $5 tip.