Customer lowers tip after waiter tries to set the amount for them: “F**k that”

Lauren Lewis
Tip jar

A customer went viral after a waiter literally selected the tipping amount for them, but they were having none of it.

We’ve heard of some pretty crazy tipping situations over the last few weeks. One of the most memorable was in February, when a waitress told customers to “serve themselves,” after they informed they wouldn’t be tipping.

Now, we’ve seen another tipping situation go viral on Reddit, when a customer took to the platform to share an experience they’d had while dining out. 

“I had a hotpot yesterday and the waiter came with the tablet for me to pay. He then selected 25% tip on the tablet himself after swiping my card and told me ‘this is your tip, now this is where you sign,’” he claims. 

“I took the tablet and right in front of his supervising stare I proceeded to hit custom and input the dollar amount that added up to 15%. With all due respect, f**k that.”

People can’t get over waiter giving automatic tip

After the post was made on the platform, it quickly went viral, with many astounded that the waiter gave himself a tip. 

“I would have responded with ‘why did you select that for me?’ And proceeded to make it 0% in front of him!” one wrote, clearly annoyed. 

“Seriously. I’ll do standard tipping, but if the waiter is a complete a**? I have no problem leaving nothing,” another agreed. 

“I remember when 20% was exceedingly generous, something I would occasionally do to reward over the top service,” one recalled. 

“I believe that this is a perfectly valid reason to be a Karen, that servers gotta stop their aggression and peer-pressuring customers.”