‘Karen’ kicked out of taco shop for “assaulting” employee over receipt

karen has freak out in taco shopTikTok/brendapena783

A Karen’s wild taco shop tantrum is going viral on social media after she put her hands on an employee.

Over-the-top public freakouts are sadly a bit of a common occurrence these days, with many of these disturbers of the peace being dubbed “Karens” by the online community.

The latest viral incident comes in the form of a San Diego taco shop snafu when a woman absolutely lost her mind over a receipt and proceeded to take out all her anger on an employee.

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The video, which was originally uploaded to TikTok by ‘brendapena783,’ shows an older woman demanding an employee give her a receipt while launching a tsunami of abuse towards the cashier.

Karen loses it on cashier in viral taco shop tantrum

After dropping several choice words towards the cashier, including some four-letter ones, a man filming the video, seemingly also an employee, asked the woman to leave the restaurant.

Instead of leaving, however, the woman continued to demand she get her receipt and even proceeded to grab the cashier by the apron, screaming in her face in the process.

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For her part, the Lucha Libre Taco Shop employee refused to back down and stood up for herself by knocking the woman’s hands away.

“Don’t touch me!” she cried. “Get the f**k out of here!”

Eventually, when threatened with a call to the police, the karen hightailed it out of there – but not before warning the taco shop crew that they would be “seriously in trouble” as she finally exited the restaurant.

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Despite the video no longer being public, the cashier captioned the video: “Yesterday I got physically assaulted by this lady at my job! This sh*t is not ok.”

taco shop contextTikTok
The cashier added some extra context about the viral incident.

“That’s not even her receipt, that’s the ticket order we received in our printer and we tape it on top of the order. This was an online order she placed on our website that only gives you text/email receipt so she already had it,” the employee explained, adding some additional context.

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“I didn’t want to give it back to her because she was just yelling at me cussing me, because I didn’t want to refund her $73 for food that she had already eaten.”

The video has since made its way to Reddit, where it’s received thousands of more views with some internet sleuths even believing they’ve identified the Karen in question.

So far, there’s no word if the woman has been charged or if police are involved. This is hardly the first incident with a karen to blow up recently. In March, a hotel worker was threatened after asking a woman to show her ID.

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