VTuber Dacapo receives support from Ironmouse after concert sparks backlash

Virginia Glaze

Thai VTuber Dacapo has received an outpouring of support from other VTubers, including Ironmouse, after his concert was not well-received by critics online.

VTubing continues to make its mark on the online space as more streamers choose to broadcast under a virtual avatar to the tune of thousands of viewers — especially when they sign exclusive streaming contracts with agencies like Hololive and VShojo.

However, despite these streamers’ peppy attitudes, the VTubing space isn’t without its controversies. Several high-profile VTubers have come under fire in the past, with Mirei Gundo graduating (read: retiring) from Nijisanji in June after some tweets she made regarding baseball angered fans.

Now, another major controversy has struck the VTubing space after Thai VTuber Dacapo received backlash over his performance in a recent concert.

Dacapo's VTuber avatar is shown in a collaboration with fellow VTuber Shxtou.
Dacapo (left) graced fans at a cosplay convention with a virtual concert – but not everyone was impressed.

VTuber Dacapo comes under fire for concert performance

The drama began when Dacapo sang at a cosplay event in Thailand called the ‘Cosplay Arts Festival,’ or CAF for short. According to commenters, the event cost 300 Baht to enter — or about $9 USD.

Dacapo’s performance was allegedly not a main part of the Festival but merely a side event that attendees didn’t have to pay for.

A clip of Dacapo singing a cover of Japanese artist Fuji Kaze’s song, ‘Shinunoga E-Wa,’ took social media by storm, showing Decapo’s avatar moving around a large screen before his eyes became visible beneath his character’s long bangs.

Fans watching the concert screamed at this point in his performance — but a clip from the event garnered an entirely different reaction online. On social media, a slew of critics took aim at Dacapo, with one saying on TikTok: “It looks like someone moving their PC mouse.”

Dacapo responded to the situation, saying in a translated tweet: “Meeting a mean person doesn’t make my eyes as clear as a kind person. because of these things I see it normally. Since practicing singing, I’ve been living with something like this all along.”

However, quite a few fans came out in support of the streamer — including other VTubers. Of note, Ironmouse, one of the biggest VTubers in the business, openly lauded Dacapo for his concert and complimented his singing voice.

“Your voice is incredible,” she wrote.” I am so glad we live in a world where everyone around the world can hear it no matter where you live.”

This is just the latest VTuber news to take over social media after English-speaking Hololive stars Holostars Magni Dezmond and Noir Vesper were mysteriously suspended from the agency.