Holostars EN mysteriously suspends Magni Dezmond & Noir Vesper

Kurt Perry
Holostars EN members Magni Dezmond & Noir Vesper during chatting streams.

Holostars EN has suspended both Magni Dezmond and Noir Vesper in a vague announcement confirming that the two talents will not be streaming for a while.

While Nijisanji has seen numerous talents leave in 2023, its biggest competitor Cover has managed to retain most of its Hololive and Holostars lineup.

There has still been some controversy with Noir Vesper previously being suspended for “internal misconduct,” but it didn’t escalate beyond that.

Now another announcement regarding Vesper and one more Holostar Vtuber has surfaced and it has some fans concerned over their future.

Holostars EN Vtubers suspended for unspecified reason

Hololive Production has announced that Magni Dezmond and Noir Vesper will be stopping all activities for a while. This includes streaming, posting on social accounts, and other performances.

The announcement reads: “[Notice] Thank you always for your continued support. All activities of Magni Dezmond and Noir Vesper from HOLOSTARS English including live streaming will be stopped for a while. Apologies for the inconvenience to those who have been looking forward to their performances.”

A specific reason as to why the two talents have been suspended was not provided. Furthermore, it is unclear when either Magni or Vesper will return with no date specified.

There are some key differences between this announcement and previous suspensions. When Vesper was suspended in November 2022, Holostars provided details on why and when fans could expect him to return.

Vesper would later admit that his suspension was a result of him losing his temper with management. Given that this suspension is for multiple talents and no specific reason was provided it is not thought to be a similar situation.

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