Viral TikTok star Scott Seiss appears in Cocaine Bear trailer and fans love it

Scott Seiss in Cocaine Bear trailerYouTube: Universal Pictures

TikTok star Scott Seiss has set the internet ablaze after appearing in the trailer for the movie Cocaine Bear as fans couldn’t believe it was him at first. 

The rise of TikTok has meant a whole new crop of internet stars have been born. Some like Charli D’Amelio, Dixie D’Amelio, Addison Rae, and Khaby Lame have taken their internet fame and run with it. 

In the case of the D’Amelio sisters, they’ve got their own TV show, Lame has appeared on Formula 1 and football broadcasts, while Rae has starred in Super Bowl commercials. Addison has also appeared in her own feature-length movie too, a feat that has only been achieved by a select few TikTokers. 

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Well, Scott Seiss – the TikToker behind the infamous Ikea employee videos – is joining that club after fans spotted him playing a role in the new movie Cocaine Bear. Yes, that’s the title. 

Scott Seiss appears in Cocaine Bear movie trailer

The trailer for the movie, which is loosely based on a real story of a wild bear ingesting drugs, was released on November 30. Naturally, the wild title and storyline captured the attention of millions. 

As the views rolled in, viewers across social media couldn’t help but point out that it seemed like Seiss was in the movie. “Scott Seiss jumping from Angry Retail Worker TikTok to the height of cinema. A legend, a prince,” commented one.

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“The best thing about this trailer is it has that hilarious guy who does the TikTok’s in Ikea giving smug answers to customers,” said another. “My desire to see this movie went up 10x when I saw that Scott Seiss is in it. You might know him as ‘the IKEA guy’” added another. 

Seiss himself said that it is not a joke and that he is, in fact, in the movie. “Told y’all I was in Cocaine Bear,” he tweeted. 

The movie itself releases on February 24, and it seems like the TikToker is going to help it be a smash at the box office – even if the name and premise alone would have done that.

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