Viral TikTok of ‘UFO’ being transported splits the internet

Connor Bennett
Screenshot of trucker video truck driving past with gray, circle cargo

A clip of a supposed ‘UFO’ has been trending like crazy on TikTok, after one user appeared to have a close encounter. However, many viewers aren’t buying it. 

If you’ve ever scrolled through the internet for a short period of time, you’ve more than likely come across someone trying to convince you that they’ve had a run-in with an alien. 

When it comes to TikTok, these supposed close encounters appear to be happening with exceeding regularity. Some TikTokers even claim that they speak alien languages and have “transmissions” to people out there in the solar system. Yes, seriously. 

In recent weeks, a few clips have gone viral that claim to show ‘UFOs’ being transported elsewhere in the United States. Though, none have quite taken off like the one posted on March 9 by the mystery.usa01 account

TikTok is obsessed with ‘UFO’ being transported, but is it real?

It’s only a brief one, with a woman screaming in the background as the truck and its oversized cargo – which, granted, does look like the stereotypical UFO – pass by them on the highway. 

The short clip has racked up over 115 million views at the time of writing, as TikTokers have become enamored with knowing what exactly is being transported. Some are convinced it’s from another planet, and others have a few more logical explanations – like the fact it could be a Disney movie prop.

“Bro do y’all not think. IT’S A MOVIE PROP,” commented one viewer. “That is the roof to a silo,” another suggested. “That’s part of a carnival ride sir,” another viewer added. 

Some viewers couldn’t help but poke fun at it all too. “You think UFOs look like the ones in cartoons?” another commenter said. “It must be true, it’s on TikTok!” another joked.

As we’ve seen previously, some users have taken older YouTube clips, added new sound, and tried to claim that its a new video.

The clip doesn’t appear to be edited from an older viral clip, but it has achieved its goal of going viral anyway as users continue to add to the debate that rages on in the comment section.