TikToker loses it after spotting ‘UFO’ in video after posting

Lauren Lewis
TikToker sees UFOTikTok: @gkbarry

A TikTok star recently went into panic after spotting a “UFO” in her video, after she’d posted it on the platform. 

A popular TikToker user, @gkbarry posted what seemed to be a regular video on the platform, where she spoke about her cat’s incessant itching and scratching. 

She debated whether or not her pet might have fleas, conversing with her followers in the comfort of her backyard. 

However, fans found something amiss, as behind Grace we see a bright flash in the sky. This has prompted an onslaught of comments on the video, which has since gone viral, with fans concerned for her safety. 

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TikTok commenters freaked out by ‘UFO’ sighting

The video instigated a torrent of comments, with many proclaiming, “Wait a second, why is there a UFO.”

Another said, “Nah, but that thing in the sky needs to be explained.. how did it just flash then disappear… someone else in your area must have seen this.”

Some were dubious, saying “Surely that’s not real…”

The video gained so much popularity that reaction videos have been filmed, one of which is titled “Someone protect Grace at all costs.”

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Grace responded to concerns saying that she “felt scared” and that she felt like she needed police protection. 

“I think aliens exist, and I’m not happy about it,” the TikToker stated. 

Whether the UFO sighting is real or not, it’s certainly caused a stir on the platform.

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