Who is Mafe Walker on TikTok? Woman who claims to speak “alien language”

An image of tiktok user mafe walkerTikTok: MafeWalkerStarseed, YouTube: TV Azteca

TikToker Mafe Walker has stunned TikTok users as she claims she can speak and understand alien languages, and she’s going pretty viral as a result.

Platforms like TikTok can be a great way of exploring the world beyond our doorstep. However, for TikToker Mafe Walker, her goals of exploration are far beyond the atmosphere of planet Earth.

The TikToker has users fascinated with her now-viral content as she relays “transmissions” to her videos of an alien language that only she understands.

an image of tiktok user mafe walker starseedTikTok: MafeWalkerStarseed
The TikToker relays back messages to her followers that supposedly contain an alien language.

TikToker Mafe Walker reveals “transmissions” from aliens

Mafe Walker refers to herself as a “multi-dimensional being” that is capable of understanding dialect beyond human comprehension. While the TikToker is able to speak several languages, Walker has become a sensation on TikTok for her “light language transmission” videos which see her relay supposedly ‘alien’ messages to her viewers.

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These videos often feature Walker exploring historic landmarks around Mexico, accompanied by ominous or ambient music.

Naturally, the absurd nature of her content has captivated TikTok and users are obsessed with her “light language activation” videos.

Click here if the TikTok doesn’t load

Click here if the TikTok doesn’t load

Speaking with El Pais, the TikToker said that her ability to decipher the language first occurred in 2012: “There was something like a portal and from there it began to manifest with the body.”

Walker has labeled these messages as “spatial codes.” As her claims of understanding this language have grown, Walker has since appeared on TV Azteca in Mexico, in a bid to convince viewers of these messages from afar.

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Since opening her TikTok account in May 2022, Walker has received over 1.5 million likes and is close to hitting nearly 400,000 followers.